• Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

  • Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

  • Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

  • Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

  • Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

  • Superb Wood-fired Ovens, Built To Last

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‘The Kings of Clay’: Valoriani Wood-Fired & Gas-Fired Pizza Ovens

Valoriani UK is the sole UK importer and distributor for Valoriani – the brand renowned across Italy for its superb, top-performing wood-fired ovens, or ‘pizza ovens’ as they are also known, even though they can cook so much more than just pizza.  Our wood-fired ovens are known as the ‘Kings of Clay’ and have never been surpassed when it comes to their culinary performance.

Valorani UK is a Preston-based business, part-owned by the Valoriani family in Italy, in conjunction with Orchard Ovens.  As a result, Valoriani UK can not only supply individual foodies, keen cooks and professional chefs with best-in-class wood ovens, but also bring you the very latest products, the minute they are released by the Valoriani factory in Reggello, Tuscany.

The authentic Tuscan pizza ovens we supply, which run on either wood or gas depending on your choice of oven, are now a must-have, if you wish to entertain with panache, or gain a bigger share of the dining out market.

Experts & Suppliers To The Stars

YouGov research that we commissioned found 27% of British adults would now prefer to eat woodaerial-shot-fired food, rather than barbecued, if at a garden party. Pizza ovens have come a long way since we pioneered their introduction in Britain back in 2003.

This means we have well over a decade’s experience in selling and installing wood-burning ovens in Britain, having fitted wood-fired pizza ovens the length and breadth of the country, in homes, gardens, and commercial kitchens.  We have even fitted Valoriani ovens for celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, and for TV chefs including Jamie Oliver and James Martin.


rustic-forninoDEFRA Certification for Legal Use

Most importantly, what we also have is DEFRA certification, allowing you to fire up your pizza oven even if you live in a UK Smoke Control Area. Most pizza oven manufacturers simply do not have this certification, putting you and your oven at risk of being penalised, if you live in an area covered by Smoke Control legislation.  It’s vital you check your situation out.  Our understanding is that mobile ovens are not DEFRA exempt.  If your oven has a chimney, DEFRA Smoke Control legislation will apply.





Why Buy A Pizza Oven?

  • Pizza ovens are the new status symbol for home & garden entertainers
  • Your friends and customers are sophisticated, global travellers now craving wood-fired food,
  • Pizza ovens create food theatre and add drama to food service, enthralling guests and customers
  • Pizza is quick and easy to prepare and serve (with a quick firing, effective heat-retaining oven)
  • Pizza is hugely popular. you’re bound to be a hit if you serve great wood-fired pizza
  • You can achieve a very healthy margin on pizza, if selling it to eat in, or as street food
  • Installing a garden oven may add value to your property, or at least make it more attractive to potential buyers.

What Are the Pitfalls of Buying a Pizza Oven?

  • Buying a cheap pizza oven that will only last a couple of years before needing to be scrapped. This is false economy.
  • Buying a pizza oven that cannot be legally operated in a British Smoke-Control Zone. (You could be fined, have your oven shut down, or pay a three-figure sum for DEFRA to test the emissions and determine if they are legal)
  • Choosing an oven that won’t fire up quickly and doesn’t retain heat, due to poor materials used in construction. You will pay the price through energy bills & inconsistencies in cooking
  • Opting for an oven using micro-mesh or other additives. Constantly expanding and contracting metal creates stress, causes structural disintegration and may contaminate food with metal and harmful additives
  • Buying a pizza oven that won’t fit through your doors and which can’t be dismantled, or assembled on site
  • Selecting an oven that is redundant if its oven floor is damaged, because that part alone cannot be replaced

Why Buy Valoriani?

  • We have experience of building wood ovens stretching back over 70 years (there are now more than 300,000 Valoriani ovens globally)
  • Our wood-fired ovens can easily last 20 years, even in high-output commercial kitchens
  • Valoriani ovens are constructed from unique, alumina-rich ‘cotto clay’ (as opposed to the cement. and inferior clay mixed with metal components, of other ovens).
  • Valoriani ovens have superb firing up and heat-retaining properties. We tried and abandoned other technologies like ‘micro-mesh’ metal 35 years ago.  We are the Kings of Clay and clay is king!
  • All Valoriani ovens are food safety tested. Make sure any oven you buy has this certification.
  • We have all the environmental accreditation in place, to keep you legal
  • Valoriani ovens can be assembled from parts on site
  • A Valoriani pizza oven’s floor is rarely damaged, but if it does need replacing, you need only replace the floor
  • We have the only gas-fired pizza oven in the world that the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN has certified for the cooking of ‘true’ or ‘real’ Neapolitan pizza. Woe betide you if you claim to serve this from any other gas-fired oven!

Ready to have a discussion?  Please call 01772 250000 or email: info@valoriani.co.uk