Orchard Ovens by Valoriani

Welcome to the home of Orchard Ovens by Valoriani, the home of wood-fired oven excellence for both the domestic and commercial oven customer.

Orchard Ovens by Valoriani is a business partnership comprising Orchard Ovens, who have over a decade's experience of bringing the best wood-fired and gas-fired pizza ovens to the UK market, and Valoriani. The Valoriani name speaks for itself in the world of pizza ovens and garden ovens, enabling them to justifiably be known as 'the kings of clay' the world over.

Orchard Ovens by Valoriani is based in Preston, but serves customers across the UK. We are the sole UK importers and distributors of Valoriani ovens and experts in operation and installation, however simple or complicated the design incorporated into your wood-fired or gas-fired oven plans.

A Valoriani wood-fired oven brings kudos, reliability and a versatile approach to suit any garden or commercial kitchen. A legion of domestic wood-fired oven customers, enjoying the delights of wood-fired food in their garden, and an army of skilled and entrepreneurial restaurateurs experiencing the popularity of our wood-fired ovens day after day, are our best sales force.

Why Choose Orchard Ovens?

Orchard Ovens … the passport to the ‘Lento Lifestyle’ only Valoriani can give you.

The name ‘Valoriani’ is always on the lips of anyone who knows anything about pizza and wood-fired ovens wherever you venture worldwide, there being over 300,000 built and installed Valoriani ovens across the globe

Valoriani experimented with variations on their clay-based product, even studying and testing ‘Micro Mesh Technology’ 35 years ago, nothing stood up to scrutiny other than natural alumina-rich clay. This natural product offers far superior heat properties, negating the need for dangerous additives that could be a detriment performance and safety.

So many copycat and competitive pizza and wood-fired ovens have been launched over the years since Valoriani patent expired but none have ever come close to a Valoriani

The Directors at Orchard Ovens by Valoriani have been working hand in hand with the Valoriani factory distributing Valoriani products in the UK since 2003 a relationship that endures through mutual respect and trust.